Our Commitment To You

Our vision is to be the number one accommodation destination in Northland.

We seek to achieve this by delivering a truly unique and unforgettable hospitality experience, where by understanding and accommodating your individual needs, we can provide opportunities for you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our barometer for success is when you are so impressed, that you will feel compelled to tell someone else about it.

In order to achieve this, we understand the need to provide unparalleled personal service and exceed your expectations in comfort, cleanliness and value. In doing so, our aim is to be your first choice in accommodation when visiting the Bay of Islands.

Our team makes this happen by working together under this core set of values that underpin what we stand for:

Empathy | Respect | Trust | Integrity | Cleanliness | Quality | Teamwork

Being your first choice, means listening to you – continually

Our success is earned through continual improvement to meet changing needs and raising our own high standards. Our latest improvements- six new apartment style units, have been designed in a collaborative process with our guests. Sound proof rooms, super fast wired and wireless broadband, generous work stations, full kitchens complete with dishwasher and washer/dryer facilities are just some of your suggestions that we have incorporated. We love your suggestions and working with you to make your stay the best it can be. So if there is anything that we can do to improve your stay, please let us know!

The tripadvisor effect

Accommodation guest review websites like Tripadvisor mean that there is no where to hide for accommodation providers that don't live up to guests expectations. The power is now in your hands to expose or endorse the places you stay.

Where a lot of accommodation providers are uncomfortable with this trend, we believe in total transperancy and are confident in the service we provide. That is why we publish live Tripadvisor comments on our home page, fed straight from their web site. If we don’t hit the high standards we set ourselves, it will be published on our home page for all to see. That’s pretty good motivation for our team!

Our Environmental Commitment

Kerikeri Homestead Motel is considered a high performer in environmental activities that include: energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, environmental conservation, and community support. We are proud to be committed to environmental responsibility in our operations.

Primary Short-Term Goals

  • Monitor and seek to improve implementation measures arising from our Qualmark Enviro rating
  • Focus on sustainable purchasing and promote sustainable purchasing through our supply chain
  • Continually raise awareness of sustainable practices with staff and guests

Products and Practices

Water Conservation
  • We encourage our guests to participate in our optional towel re-use program, whereby guests can choose to either hang their towels back on the rack and reuse them or simply place the towels on the floor or in the bathtub to be replaced by clean, fresh ones.
Electrical Energy Conservation
  • We have installed energy efficient lighting throughout the property.
  • We have installed energy efficient flat screen LED TVs in our rooms.
  • We encourage guests with appropriately placed signage, to turn off the lights and television when not in use.
  • We encourage guests to use the clothes line provided as opposed to the dryer when possible.
  • We have a recycling system for glass bottles, plastic, tin and paper. Recycling Bins are located conveniently and clearly labeled for disposal.
Eco-Friendly Suppliers and Products
  • We have eliminated the use of aerosols on the property and introduced eco-friendly cleaning products.
Environmental Conservation

We are proud supporters of the BNZ Save the Kiwi, which is a powerful and active partnership between BNZ, the Department of Conservation and the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society.

Kerikeri Homestead Motel is dedicated to life-long environmental responsibility and will continue to embrace eco-friendly policies.

For more information on Qualmark Environmental standards please visit http://www.responsibletourism.co.nz/

Water Conservation

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