Be sure not to miss the Historic Stone Store Basin and Rewa’s Village, a replica of a Pre European Maori fishing village.

The Stone Store is of national and international significance as the oldest surviving commercial building in New Zealand, demonstrating the early stages of the country’s connection with international trade. It is the oldest remaining building linked with the import of goods from overseas, the storage of produce grown in New Zealand and the bartering of goods with Maori. The building contains artifacts and displays of its history, and true to its origins, still sells a range of heritage-related merchandise reflecting its earlier days as a trading post and general store.
Only 5 minutes drive from the motel and free to look around.

Rainbow Falls

This is a magical meandering walk along the river passing the old electicity station, which is fascinating and little rapids along the way, with the finnale of the falls themselves as a reward at the end. It is an easy walk, starting from the lovely park area near the Stone Store.

Makana Chocolate Factory

This is a chocolate boutique where they make speciality chocolates before your eyes (and you can have a go too!) and the products are the best chocolates you’ll find anywhere! They produce chocolates and other natural temptations that are perfect for special occasions, or a wonderfully special self-indulgent treat!

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